Nobili’s Cashmere Care: Phase 1

Keeping your clothes in optimal conditions is very simple, with some care you will be able to ensure the precious fibers softness and durability over time.


The first basic rule concerns hand washing, washing must be done using a mild detergent for wool in warm water, so that the soap can be easily removed. Soaking in warm water with soap should last for a few minutes.

Immediately afterwards it is necessary to rinse with cold running water that must continue until the complete elimination of the soap.

Washing in the washing machine

It is possible to wash the cashmere garments in the washing machine, following a series of precautions.
First of all, the cashmere garment must be inserted in the washing machine on the reverse, or better still if it is inserted inside a specific bag for washing underwear.

Once you have inserted a small amount of mild detergent for wool, it is important to select a short program for wool or delicate items, with a maximum temperature never higher than 30 ° (obviously avoiding the centrifuge).


After washing by hand or in the washing machine, the cashmere garment must be squeezed, but not in a direct way better roll it in a terry towel, then absorb the remaining water with another dry towel.

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