Cura del Cashmere Nobili: Fase 2


Particular attention must be paid to the time of ironing, first of all it is important to use the iron at very low temperatures, so as not to compromise the fibers.
The ironing must be done on the reverse and in a very delicate way.


Una volta finita la stagione di utilizzo, i capi in cashmere devono essere lavati e riposti in ambienti ben asciutti in un apposito sacco custodia e riposti in un cassetto , armadio con un adeguata protezione anti tarme.

A few more tips

The cashmere garments should not be worn for several days, at least 24 hours between one and the next, so the fibers will not stress too much causing the phenomenon of the fuzz on the surface of the garment.
The fuzz is formed on the surface due to the friction and are is not to be considered a consequence of a lower quality item, but a natural consequence of use.
Preventing with good care and maintenance of the garment will increase the durability of the garment over time.

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